Opening Night Youth Soccer March
Saturday March 24th

Opening Night Youth Soccer March

NEOFC 04 Women Log Decisive Victories on Opening Weekend
NEOFC's 2004 Women opened the first weekend of NPL play with two very impressive victories.  The NEOFC 04 Women team played AR Comets FC's NPL team, the #1 team in Arkansas, on Saturday.  NEOFC dominated with a 4-0 victory.  Madison Rhodes split the posts for a single while Zoe McCabe led the scoring bonanza with a hat-trick.  Keeping things nice and tidy in the back was Sawyer Kirkland who recorded a clean sheet for this match.
In the second game of the weekend, NEOFC 04 Women were pitted against AR United 04G’s NPL Team, the #3 team in Arkansas.  In similar fashion, NEOFC took care of business.  Zoe McCabe got NEOFC off with a quick goal, and Jaci Decker and Hannah Schulze added goals in the first half.  The rest was simply cruise control.  the match ended 3-1 in favor of NEOFC.
NEOFC 04’s sit 1st in the standings of the NPL Cup after the first weekend of play.  With one more weekend of group play to go, NEOFC looks to be a solid contender for the number 1 seed as we approach tournament weekend.
Congratulations ladies!
NEOFC Academy fun night is a hit!
US Soccer Coaching License Pathway is Updated

Coaching License PathwayUS Soccer has again updated in coaching license pathway.  Long rumored and now confirmed, gone are the 'E' and 'F' licenses from the progression.  You may recognize the replacements in this pathway if you are familiar with the United Soccer Coaches (formerly NSCAA) licensing structure.

The starting point for any beginning coach is now the free and online "Introduction to Grassroots Coaching" module available throught the DCC.  Once this course is completed, coaches will be eligible for four (4) online and four (4) in-person courses that represent the Grassroots Pathway.  These are: 4v4, 7v7, 9v9 & 11v11 courses.  Keep in mind these replace the 'E' and  'F' License.  These eight (8) courses will cost $25 each plus additional fees charged by the hosting organization for in-person courses.

Ultimately there are a number of options to get to the 'D' license now.  Coaches must complete a minimum of two (2) in-person, one of these must be the 11v11 course, and two (2) online courses to be eligible for the 'D' course.

What about my 'E' License?
Your 'E' is still a vailid license and will continue to be for the forseeable future.  US Soccer is simply not offering this license to future applicants.  If you currently hold an 'E' license, you may apply for 'D' courses now.

What about my 'F' License?
Your 'F' is still a vailid license and will continue to be for the forseeable future.  However, to advance ot the 'D' license, you will be required to complete the following courses in the new pathway. Introduction to Grassroots Coaching module (req'd), the 11v11 in-person (req'd), one (1) additional in-person course (your choice) and one (1) additional in-person course (your choice).  After completing this pathway, you will have completed the prerequisite licensing for the 'D' course.

To register for courses, please visit the Digital Coaching Center.

OPC Reschedule & Weather Policy

With spring soccer comes plenty of rain and, unfortunately, plenty of scheduling issues related to weather.  To help us all make this process as simple as possible, you can find the current (7-22-17) OPC RESCHEDULE and WEATHER POLICY as well as a number of other OPC policies at the following link.

OPC Policies