Manager Expectations

NEOFC managers play a critical role for the success of every team and therefore the club! Without a solid manager filling the role, the club and teams simply could not function! We appreciate you for all the time you spend helping your team, and the club, succeed!

As a manager, we ask you to:

  • Familiarize yourself with NEOFC's club policies.
  • Avoid answering questions that pertain to playing time, player performance, or player evaluations (those should be referred to the coach)
  • Be an advocate for your coach, team and club.
  • Be a good communicator as you are the conduit of communication between the club, coach and the team.
  • Encourage team activities that promote good team chemistry.
  • Try and help players that need help attending practices, games, and tournaments (whether yourself or another team parent)
  • Watch practices; be available for parents.
  • Attend games and ensure you have proper paperwork for all games.
  • Be calm and encourage a positive environment amongst the parents.
  • Support the coach’s and referee’s decisions.
  • Encourage and seek out parent volunteers for the team and the club.
  • Encourage communication between coach and parent.
  • Attend all club manager meetings.
  • Keep your coach updated on any potential issues or concerns.
  • Support the club by volunteering and/or donating and helping your team with fundraisers.
  • Ensure your parents are meeting their financial obligation to the club/team.