NEOFC is home to 2 different areas of the Owasso Sports Complex.  We refer to them as Owasso Sports Complex (OSC) - our game fields on the east of the road and the NEOFC Training fields, which are on the west side of the road.  All NEOFC teams are expected to adhere to respective complex policies regarding reschedules, field usage, scrimmages, assigned practice areas, closures, etc.  Teams, coaches, parents, or players that do not follow these policies with respect to the complexes will be subject to loss of usage privileges. We appreciate your attention to this matter.


Text Alerts for Field Status:

Make sure that you and your coach have both signed up for the text alerts concerning field status.  You can sign up on the front page of our website, in the lower right hand corner.  This will be the fastest way to know the status of the fields.  Remember, if the fields close and you have a game, make sure to follow the procedures concerning the notification of OSA, the NEOFC Ref Assignor, and opposing team.  This policy is stated under "Game Day".

Bad Weather Conditions Procedures

Club officials will monitor the weather conditions and make a determination if the weather conditions are too severe to continue playing. In the event of bad weather (Tornado/Lightning/Hail) or severe conditions exist the following procedures will be taken:

The 30/30 Rule states that people should seek shelter if the "Flash-To-Bang" delay (length of time in seconds between a lightning flash and its subsequent thunder), is 30 seconds or less, and that they remain under cover until 30 minutes after the final clap of thunder. Use a "flash to bang" (lightning to thunder) count of five seconds equals one mile (10 = 2 miles; 20 = 4 miles; 30 = 6 miles).

One Long Blast

  • Games will be immediately stopped and all players and parents/spectators will be instructed to go to their vehicles or designated shelter area and stay inside until the all clear is given.
  • Do not stand outside; everyone must be inside some form of cover (This does not include canopy tents or portable structures).
  • Do not leave the soccer complex unless you have been told the games are cancelled by club officials. Games may resume if the weather clears.

Two Short Blasts – It is safe to return to the fields and resume play.

Weather Conditions Guidelines:

When preparing for practice or games, it is important to remember some general guidelines regarding the weather and your team.  Here are OSA's guidelines to game day, but we follow them here at NEOFC for practice as well:


Temperature – the follow guidelines will be used to determine if a game can be cancelled based on the current mean temperature at the start of play:

  1. 40 degrees or above – The match will play as scheduled, if a team decides not to play then the result will be recorded as a forfeit (3-0) and team forfeits their bond.
  2. 20-39 degrees - Game may be played if both teams and OSA deem appropriate. Any of the three parties can "veto" playing and the game will be rescheduled.
  3. 19 degrees or below – Game(s) will be postponed.
In the event of diminished playing circumstances (rain, cold, etc.) if the complex remains open and the referee declares the field conditions safe for play, the teams/coach do not have the authority, even by mutual agreement to reschedule the match. Failure to play the match will result in a review by the LOC and the match may be declared a forfeit or double forfeit.
It is important to pay attention to the heat index as much as the actual temperature.  Humidity plays a large role in the temperature "feeling hotter" than it actually is, and this can cause players more issues than is perceived.  An event that takes place in 90 degrees or above should take the following precautions:
1.  Stress to your team good hydration a couple days before an event.
2.  Make sure the team has extra water breaks.
3.  Try and make sure there is a tent over the bench for during the game.
4.  Know the signs of over-heating and heat stroke so you are aware.
4.  Try and have players wear sunscreen

Assigned Practice Field:

Every team is assigned an area on 1 of the 3 NEOFC training fields.  It is vital that your team adhere to the time and field you are assigned.  If for some reason you have a question or a need to change, the team's coach needs to contact our Executive DOC, Alex Miranda.


OSC Game Field Request:

If you are in need of a game field for a scrimmage, you must complete this form Owasso Soccer Game Field Requests and email it to Dean Cummings with OSC at  If a referee is required, then it must also be sent to Ken Williams at for ref assignment.  This form must be submitted at least 7 days prior to the scrimmage.  NEOFC teams will receive 1 free scrimmage a season.  After that, each scrimmage will cost $25.00.  Referee fees are to be paid directly to the refs at the time of the scrimmage.  Fees must be paid 48 hours before the scrimmage.  Coaches are responsible for turning the lights on and off.  Failure to turn the lights off will result in loss of scrimmage access.


Corner Flags:

If you get to the fields and there are no corner flags, you need to get them out of the green container by the concession stand. If there is a game after you, you can leave them up. But if there is not another game after you, then you are responsible for putting the flags back in the container. Most teams get there 30 minutes early so you should know if there's another game after yours. It is important to understand that if we leave them out, they disappear, so thank you in advance with your cooperation with this.  Here is OSC's policy for not storing the corner flags appropriately:
- 1st Offense - Verbal Warning

- 2nd Offense - 1 hour of volunteer time to take all corner flags in on the following Saturday at the end of the last game

- 3rd Offense - 2 hours of time for corner flags and all trash cans be taken to parking lot on the following Saturday at the end of the last game

NOTE:  If the team does not complete this on the following Saturday, then their games will be rescheduled till after they complete the required time.