Team Tournaments and Travel

Planning for a team to attend a tournament, especially if it involves travel, takes time and money!  If your coach tells you to apply to a tournament, you will use your team's GotSoccer account and apply.  Make sure you have enough money in your team account for the tournament registration.  But if the tournament is outside the Tulsa area, you will also need to account for travel expenses.  As well as plan the trip for the team.  Here is some travel information as well as tips for making your planning easier.


Guest Players for Tournaments:

When you are needing to use a guest player at a tournament, make sure and read the tournament's guidelines to ensure you understand how the tournament wants you to handle the guest player.  The normal process is to handle it at check-in.  

Here are some simple guidelines to follow when determining how to handle your guest players:

 - If the player is an NEOFC player, just not on your roster, contact the NEOFC Registrar to have the player added.

 - If the player is from another US Club club, you will need to use the guest player form on US Club's website-  Under "Player Loaner Form".

You will need to obtain their player pass, birth certificate, and medical waiver as well for check-in. 

 -  Guest players are NOT added to your official roster and they can NOT be added as a CPP. 

Some tournaments are moving to using GotSoccer for guest players which requires the player themselves to register with the tournament and then can be assigned to the team.  Make sure you know if this is what your tournament is using, it can take a few days to process it through!


NEOFC's Travel Per Diem Policy:

If you are attending a tournament outside of the Tulsa area OR for cross-state league games, you will need to use the Per Diem information below for your coach's expenses.

1. MEAL EXPENSES - $30 per diem equal to the number of nights spent at a hotel.

Example:     1 night = $30 total               2 nights = $60 total               3 nights = $90 total

Note: Per diem is used at the coach’s discretion, regardless of the hotel providing breakfast.

2. GAS & TOLL - A coach traveling to tournaments driving a vehicle should receive the following:

OPL game in OKC – Gas (1 tank) and tolls

Tournaments (Dallas, KC, St. Louis) – Gas (2-3 tanks) and tolls

Note: Should gas expenses exceed allotted amount, additional monies shall be covered by the team, only upon coach’s gas receipts.

3.  HOTEL - The team is responsible for the coach’s hotel.  Most hotels will comp the coach’s room if you have enough rooms, most have a 16/1 ratio. 

4. MULTIPLE TEAMS - Coaches with two teams traveling to the same tournament should divide the total cost of the coach’s expenses between the two teams.

5. OTHER TRAVEL COMMITMENTS - Those teams with excessive travel commitments (showcase teams, multiple tournament teams and sub-regional league teams) may incur additional costs, i.e. car rental, tolls and gas.


Getting a Hotel:

Once you have registered for an out-of-town tournament, you will need to book the hotel.  You will need to ask your families who will need what kind of room, ie..Double beds or a King room.  Don't forget about your coach!  Most tournaments now have a policy of "Stay and Play".  That means you must use one of their listed hotels.  Look up the list of approved hotels on the tournament website and call for availability.  The website will often be using a travel company, you'll need to book through them, not the hotel directly. 


Tips -

- Always look at the breakfast that is offered by the hotel, only book if the hotel offers a full breakfast, your players will need that!

- Always look to see where each hotel is located in relation to the fields.

- Always ask about a discount for the coach's room - Do you have enough paid rooms to get it comp'ed or even just discounted.  *This will be your biggest travel expense!


Tips for Traveling - Saving money and Having Fun! -

- Always try to plan a fun thing each trip!  This may be a team dinner that Saturday night or bags waiting for the players when they check in with Gatorade and snacks in them.  Some teams (the manager) put posters on their room doors. 

- Some hotels will have lobbys that you can watch a movie so order in pizza and let the players just hang out.

- If the Coach has 2 teams going, coach expenses should be split between the 2 teams.

- If players only have one parent attending, maybe 2 players can share one room making it more affordable for each player.

- Always know the exact directions from the hotel to the fields and the time it takes to get there.  Parents may want to follow you that first morning.

- Always know and communicate any team rules before leaving - ie....swimming (yes or no), lights out time, maybe a set breakfast time, etc.

 - Remember, NEOFC's behavior policy applies to behavior at the hotel as well as at the field!