NEOFC Uniforms, Spiritwear, and Logo Usage

NEOFC uses different venues to get gear to our players and families.  As a manager, it is important for you to know the difference and to help the families through the ordering process.


Competitive Uniforms:

All competitive uniform pieces are ordered through Mac's Soccer Shack at 10309 E. 61st Street, Tulsa, Ok.  918-250-4843.  As a manager, your main contact is Jacob McWherter.  They do keep a few items in each size in stock, especially training jerseys and socks.  Families can go to Mac's at any time for these items.  If they are out of stock on actual jerseys or shorts, they will need to be ordered.  Since our uniforms are custom uniforms, they take 6-8 weeks to get them in.  Please make sure your families plan accordingly.


Academy Uniforms:

All Academy uniform pieces are ordered through Mac's Soccer Shack at 10309 E. 61st Street, Tulsa, Ok.  918-250-4843.  When a new player registers with the NEOFC Academy and has given their jersey number to their manager, the manager sends the uniform roster to the NEOFC Registrar and to Mac's.  


NEOFC Spiritwear:

NEOFC currently has 2 different ways that we offer NEOFC Spiritwear to our families - Logowear through the NEOFC Registrar and Eurosport through  The designs are different between the two, so make sure your familiar with the options and understand what the family is wanting.

1.  Logowear -

This is offered usually once a season through the club.  The NEOFC Registrar will let the managers know that a Logowear run is going to start and give the deadlines.  The manager will distribute the Logowear order form, NEOFC LOGOWEAR FORM and then collect the forms and all monies to turn into the Registrar before the deadline.  The Registrar will then get the items ordered for the teams and returned to the team managers once received.  The managers will distribute to their families.  This usually takes about a 6 week turn-around so that's why it's only offered once a season.

2.  Eurosport Spiritwear:

This is offered through Eurosport,, and is ordered and paid for directly by the family.  The family can either go to our website,, and find the link, or they can go to Eurosport's website and search for our club in the upper right hand corner.  From there, they will be able to select the Spiritwear button and browse through the options.  The family can order at any time, and it's usually only a week turn around for the items.


NEOFC Logo Policy:

When wanting to replicate or use the NEOFC logo, there are very strict rules to abide by.  These rules are in place to protect the logo and the branding of the club.  Teams are expected to adhere to these policies.  Any time a team or individuals wish to use the brand of NEOFC, they must first submit their idea or design to the NEOFC Board for approval.  Below is our stated policy which should be followed:


Established Vendor:  Vendor with agreement or regular business from NEOFC for standard logo/spirit wear uniform kit, or other memorabilia items.


Logo:   Any of Northeast Oklahoma Futball Club’s artwork utilized for member apparel or communications and advertisement purposes.



  1.        All designs and official communication on the club’s behalf must be approved by DOC & Board
  2.        Logo must appear on opposite side of any slogans (that are previously approved)
  3.        Product cannot duplicate any product or purpose already produced by established vendor unless approved by  DOC & Board.
  4.        If not using established vendor for product, vendor must provide signed statement promising to desist utilization of the logo for any other purpose, or to sell more than amount ordered by the NEOFC member party. 
      • Non-established vendor would need to provide 10% of gross to club.
  5. DOC would determine appropriate framework for when shirt can be worn (i.e. training, warm-up, every day school)