Coach Stephen Khan
10 Men

Contact Information


Phone: (918) 606-1383

Licensing / Education

Organization License Year
US Soccer Federation

'D" License
Grassroots 7v7 (In-Person)
Grassroots 9v9 (In-Person)
Grassroots 11v11 (In-Person)

US Youth Soccer National Youth License
Youth Module I
Youth Module II

Continuing Education: La Liga Formation Methodology (lvl3), Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries, Laws of the Game, Concussion Training, Nutrition Training

Coach Khan maintains a BS in Comupter Science Engineering (Minor: Mathematics) from the University of Tulsa and a MS in Computer Science Engineering (Focus: Security) from the University of Tulsa.


Played competitively in Owasso, Tulsa & Broken Arrow completing his High School career at Owasso High School.  College participation was conducted at Northeastern State University and the University of Tulsa.  Coach Khan played professionally with Tulsa Renegades (SISL) and Tulsa Roughnecks (USISL)

  • NEOFC 2010 Men (2016-Present)
  • NEOFC 2009 Men (2016-2017)
  • NEOFC ID (2015-2016)
  • Owasso Soccer Club Recreational (2014-2016)