Coach Jordan Belong

Contact Information


Phone: (918) 332-8603

Licensing / Education

Organization License Year
US Soccer Federation 'C' License
'B' License Candidate (2019)
OSA Goalkeeper Course  

Coach Belong maintains a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from Bethel University (2000).


  • 17-18 TSC-Bartlesville Head Coach- 99/98 Boys
  • 16-17-TSCH-Bartlesville Age Group Leader
  • 16-Present- TSCH-Bartlesville Head Coach 06 Girls
  • 15-17-TSC-Bartlesville Head Coach-05 Boys
  • 13-present Fc-Bartlesville/TSC-Bartlesville Head Coach-03 Boys
  • 14-17-FC-Bartlesville Head Coach-99 Boys
  • 09-14-FC-Bartlesville Head Coach-96 Boys
  • 09-10-Oklahoma Wesleyan University Men’s Head Coach
  • 07-09-Oklahoma Wesleyan University Men’s Assistant Coach
  • 02-08-Owasso Soccer Club Head Coach 92 Boys
  • 01-02-Owasso Soccer Club team technical Trainer