NEOFC 05 White
Self Paced Learning: Week 4

The rain this week has increased the difficulty in conducting team training but that doesn't mean there still isn't an opportunity to learn.

This week we are offering up Coerver Mirror Moves: The Drag Push and The Drag Step Over. Defensive and attacking players alike can benefit from mastery of this move.

For the recreational activity we are highlighting the U12 Barca-USA vs FC Dallas academy group's 5 touch possession play.  This video exemplifies how possession play can create space and opporunity on the pitch while limiting the opponents chances.  As you watch this video count how many backward passes are immediatly followed by a sideways pass to change the point of play.




Training with NEOFC
Kicking Off Spring 2016 with Highlanders Cup

Education on the pitchNEOFC 05 White began our spring campaign on Valentine's Day weekend with our showing at Bixby's Highlander's Cup.  There was plenty learned during this event as well as plenty of opportunity to show what we have been working on over the winter months.  Body shape, positioning and first touch skills have been at the forefront of our training sessions for the past few months.  Our athletes were successful in a number of these skills over the course of the tournament.

For the coaches and the players there are always lessons to be learned from our shortcomings.  We are certain we can build on what we did right and that we can work to improve that which we could do better as the spring campaign progresses.

From the coaches, we are excited to work with this great group of boys again and look forward to teaching and learning!

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