Who we are

NEOFC 2008 Boys

Seth Newell, NEOFC Coach
Coach Seth Newell

We are here to help your son learn to love the beautiful game and to develop his skills in a family friendly, supportive, soccer-centric atmosphere.  Through soccer we hope to positively influence players and families; to ultimately help to create the next generation of skilled sportsman who understand what it is to compete in life and who understand what it takes to succeed on days when you win and days when you lose.

Gary Smith, Team Manager
Team Manager Gary Smith

NEOFC 2008 Boys is led by Coach Seth Newell and Team Manager Gary Smith.  Please feel free to contact us anytime at 08boysblue@northeastokfc.com!

Our members are from a number of different communities in northeast Oklahoma.  Each and every member brings a unique point of view and a set of experiences we can each learn from.  Dedicated to our sport, this group enjoys working to be better as much as they do having fun!

If you are looking for a soccer home where the focus is on your player and his development, you are encouraged to reach out to Coach Seth.  He is always happy and willing to discuss what you are looking for in a team and how this group may be able to fill that need!

08 Boys Blue