GK Development Program (GDP)


NEOFC Goalkeeper Training

Goalkeepers are often an overlooked individual in the team. At Northeast Oklahoma Futball Club, we have developed a goalkeeping program, with top level instructors and sound curriculum to make all NEOFC goalkeepers complete.

Goalkeeping is a vital and privileged playing position. Northeast Oklahoma Futball Club will provide goalkeeping specific instruction in a professional routine and continuously demonstrate a valuable approach in their training. Our objective is to provide the foundation and self-confidence goalkeepers need to improve their technical skills to succeed in this game.

NEOFC families are encouraged to take full advantage of the benefits of this program at no additional cost.


GDP Director - Richard Nolasco

E-mail: CoachNolasco@northeastokfc.com

Phone: (801)668-9171

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GDP Instructor - Cody Gammill

E-mail: cody.gammill@yahoo.com

Phone: (972)849-3619

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NEOFC is committed to developing fundamentally sound goalkeepers whom our teams can depend on upon and our opponents respect.  We expect our goalkeepers to serve as our team’s last line of defense and the first line of attack. At NEOFC we strive for the following:

  • For goalkeepers to acquire and enjoy the art of goalkeeping.
  • To have fun while training.
  • To improve their technique through easy-to-understand and realistic practices.
  • To improve their understanding of the position by giving them the “tools” and knowledge they require to be successful, consistent, and a reliable performer.
  • To develop movement skills and patterns specific to goalkeeping.
  • To teach the key tactical aspects of goalkeeping. 
  • To help the goalkeeper with decision-making, problem-solving and other psychological aspects of the position. 
  • To ultimately improve match performance.

The training available at NEOFC will be conducted to the highest of standards, thus producing an atmosphere that goalkeepers will feel proud to attend and be part of. The club identifies goalkeepers as valuable assets and key to a successful team.


Goalkeeper Expectations

Our Goalkeepers are expected to go above and beyond what we ask of field players in the club. Being an NEOFC Goalkeeper is a commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Attendance by all NEOFC Goalkeepers, ages U-9 and older is highly encouraged. Coaches at the club are in constant communication with each other and are of an understanding that specialized goalkeeping training is vital to a keepers’ success & team success. Each training session will be 1 hour in length.



Goalkeepers will be grouped according to ability in accordance with United States Soccer Federation age groups: U-9 through U-19 (or 08s - 98s) This allows for continued growth in their position of goalkeeper. In order to ensure adequate developmental for each player, if a goalkeeper is developing more rapidly than others in their group, he/she may be placed with another group and vice-versa.